A “locum” is somebody who temporarily fills a role usually taken by another person. In the context of doctors, a locum doctor is a doctor who temporarily fills the place of your GP when they’re otherwise unavailable.

doctor-784329_1280If you see a locum doctor, it’s important to let them know who your regular GP is. That way they can send all relevant notes, observations, and information from your visit through to your GP after your appointment. This allows your GP to stay up to date on your health and allows you to get ongoing medical attention from them.


There are a few reasons a person might need a locum doctor:


  • Your regular doctor might be busy seeing another patient and you have an issue that you don’t want to wait to get treatment for. In these cases you might see another available doctor at that clinic. That doctor then becomes a locum doctor.
  • You might be too far away from your GP to be able to visit them when you’re ill. Any other doctor you see in the area you’re in will become a locum doctor. Then when you’re back home you can resume visits to your GP.
  • Sometimes work and medical insurance agencies will request you see one of a list of approved doctors, which may not include your GP.
  • You might need to visit a walk-in clinic for a short-notice medical certificate or a problem that has arisen abruptly that you wish to get checked.
  • If you’re unsure of a diagnosis your GP has provided you, you might seek a locum doctor to give you a second opinion. There are many reported cases where this has revealed yet-undiagnosed issues.
  • You need a doctor after-hours, between 6pm and 8am, on Sundays, or on a public holiday.
  • You can’t leave your house to get to your GP due to a medical condition, lack of transport, or lack of mobility.

home doctor

While there are after-hours clinics across the country, many people prefer home visits outside of work hours. That’s why after hours home visit doctors are an increasingly common solution to the last two problems: the need to see a doctor after hours, and a desire or need to have a doctor come to your home rather than travelling out to a clinic.


Home-visit doctors are not “lesser” medical professionals, nor are they pseudo doctors: they’re fully qualified physicians just the same as any doctor you’d expect to visit in a clinic. The only difference is they come to you at hours where you need them most.

Our after hours locum doctors are bulk-billed and provide all relevant treatment information to your GP after their visit. They are able to prescribe medications and have a supply of regularly prescribed and administered medicines with them if needed. If you’re in the greater Perth metropolitan region and would like a home visit by one of our doctors, please contact us today http://afterhoursgpperth.com.au/

It’s important to note that home-visit doctors are not EMTs. In the case of a medical emergency you must always contact emergency services on triple 000. After hours doctors simply perform the role of your GP when they are unavailable.

Locum Doctors play important role in medical serices in Australia. To check how important they are and see how their day looks like we recommend that short video:


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